la fabrica Vilafranca restaurant

La Fàbrica is a family story

The location of the Restaurant “La Fábrica” treasures, since the beginning of the 19th century, a long tradition under the guidance of the “Vilafranquina” Quer family. At Sant Martí’s street, “La Teresita” factory was operating, dedicated to pasta of recognized prestige everywhere.


The current gastronomic space pays tribute to its predecessors. In fact, the whole establishment remembers the commercial activity of the last century.


More recently, in 2001, its founders, after living in New York City, returned to the Penedès and opened the doors of this food stablishment with reminiscences from Japan, country where one of the founders, Miyuki Hamano, is a descendant of.


Over the years, the Restaurant “La Fàbrica” has been managed by the second generation, Koji Quer.


He continues to consolidate himelf as a traditional offering, while being different at the same time. He has a generous amount of experience, which is thanks to him working with the stoves of the restaurant, as well as moving to Osaka (Japan) to specialize in his maternal cuisine. “We are fortunate that out parents believed us and filled us with confidence”.


They claim that theirs is not a traditional kitchen: “We are constantly experimenting; we want to offer Japanese cuisine while not forgetting about the Catalan.»


He explains that the two cuisines have few similarities. Our home has much more cooking work, with very diverse products, “and the aim is to combine them perfectly to offer two very different, but at the same time, compatible kitchens.”